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Tenant/Landlord and Deed Recording

Unlawful Detainer

If you need to file an eviction our attorneys can assist you in preparing and submitting the documents for court, ensuring that they are processed and sent to the sheriffs in a timely manner. Only after the sheriff has successfully evicted the party does our office consider the case completed. Until then, we will offer advice and counsel as to what legal actions you may take while awaiting the Unlawful Detainer to be processed in the court.

Security Deposit Recovery

After moving out, landlords may sometimes deduct or withhold from a security deposit without good explanation or valid reasoning. Our attorneys will ensure that the landlord has the proper documentation and has followed all of legal procedures to withhold any funds. You have rights as a tenant even after moving out and our attorneys will make certain that they are not violated.

Document Review

If you are purchasing a home, then it is important to have an attorney review the Purchase Agreement. You do not want to be caught off guard after moving in by some term or exemption of responsibility that was included and should not have been. Allow one of our attorneys to review the document and make sure that all of the terms are necessary and the contract does not favor the seller.


If you need to transfer a deed or obtain one for any property in the San Diego area, then our attorneys can assist you in preparing the required documents and filing them at the courthouse for you in a timely manner.

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