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Civil Litigation

Wage Garnishment

If your wages are being garnished, we can help by limiting the garnishment amount or opposing the garnishment in its entirety. As a garnishee you have certain rights with  regards to your wages.  A collector cannot take more than 25% of your paycheck, and that amount can be further limited based on your exemptions. We understand that garnishments directly affect your ability to support yourself and others, and we will work diligently to stop or greatly reduce any garnishment.


Additionally, if you are seeking to garnish someone else's wages, our office can assist you. Our attorneys understand the laws that bind wage garnishments and can file the paperwork to start the garnishment in order to get you the funds that are rightfully yours.

Personal Injury

When you get hurt, whether in a vehicle accident, slip-and-fall at a store, or are a victim of another's violent actions, it is to your benefit to have someone looking out for your interest when even your own insurance company is trying to minimize their liability. However, having an attorney on your side ensures that someone is working towards you receiving the largest settlement possible.


Our attorneys will assist you through the entire process from the date of injury, through your treatment, and ending in a settlement or a trial, that will cover the costs of your bills as well as your pain and suffering.

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