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Estate Planning

After death, your assets must go through probate court in order to be distributed to your family, unless you have an estate plan.


Probate can be a costly process. In some instances it may require a cost greater than the value of what you had intended to pass to your family. By creating an estate plan now, you will help your family avoid what can be a procedure entailing extremely burdening legal costs. Estate plans allow you to plan for the future. In the event that you fall ill and are unable to make decisions on your own behalf, your desires regarding your healthcare will have been placed in writing and followed per your instruction. Your family will not be troubled with the uncertainty that they are making a decision you wouldn't want, but can rather rest assured that your expressed desires are being committed to. 


Our office is equipped to create the entire Estate Plan. 


This will include your Trust, Will, Power of Attorney, Advanced Health Care Directive, and Final Disposition.  We want to ensure that your beneficiaries will not be paying costs or fees when you following your passing.

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