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Practice Areas

Below are the areas of law our associates practice in. For more information please visit each area's specific page or contact one of our offices.
Bankruptcy Law


The Law Offices of E. John Damasco understands that filing for a bankruptcy can be a stressful situation. The associates are well versed in Bankruptcy Law and will assist you in filing the correct Chapter number while ensuring that you do not have anything to worry about while they handle your case and get your debts dismissed.



Family Law


The Law Offices of E. John Damasco can assist in the divorce process from the date of legal separation up to the day the court finalizes the divorce. Allow our attorneys to assist you with the paperwork, division of assets and debts, and finalization of spousal and/or child support. Additionally, our attorneys can assist you with drafting a prenuptial agreement preceding your date of marriage, as well as adoption cases.

Criminal Law

The Law Offices of E. John Damasco can assist in defending you against criminal charges at the misdemeanor or felony level. From fighting a traffic violation to a criminal offense, let the Law Offices of E. John Damasco assist in getting these charges dropped. Having an attorney that knows the proceedure, has dealt with the prosecutors and judges before, and will take point on the case working to get it dropped is what every person needs.


Civil Litigation

Disputes can occur an almost unlimited list of legal issues involving individuals, neighbors, family members, landlords, tenants, businesses, professional groups, and other organizations. When these disputes arise, you will want an attorney who can explain your rights and ensure that they are fulfilled. Allow one of our attorneys to assist in any number of these issues and protect your rights.


Estate Planning

Allow our attorneys to assist you in creating an estate plan. This will allow your family to avoid going through the possibly expensive probate court and ensure that your desires are met should you become unable to make decisions on your own behalf.


Our Attorneys can assist you with any manner of real estate issue that may arise. Be it a dispute with a Home Owners Association, getting or transferring a deed, reviewing a purchase agreement before purchasing a property, or even filing for an Unlawful Detainer.​ Our attorneys are all versed in these matters and many more and are awaiting to assist you however they can.​​​

Small Claims

Allow our attorneys to assist you in preparing the paperwork that the court will require for your small claims case. While an attorney cannot legally represent you at the small claims hearing, they can help prepare you beforehand by answering any questions you may have and assist you in filing the proper documentation.



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